Tribute Blonde on Blonde

A delightful, pairable, delicious blonde beer with delicate hop character, and a nice, smooth malt-forward attitude. This beer is all about good times and even better eats. Slightly biscuity and fruity, the Blonde on Blonde goes on and on.

We made a beer based off a blonde ale we had previously brewed. We brewed this as a tribute to our friends at Tribute Pizza.

Tasting Notes: A crisp refreshing beer intended to be enjoyed on a warm day with a slice of pizza in hand. A malt forward beer with notes of peach and apricot, finishing with a hoppy floral character.

Pair With: Pairs well with pizza, fruit garnished salads, light tomato based soups, and white fish.

Brew Notes:
7/14/16 – After a long nights work, Matt Lyons mustered the energy to come help us execute this beer.  With double mash paddles in hand, Matt flailed and flailed, ensuring that the mash became as sweet as him. Target numbers were achieved which means it was a successful brew day.

Recipe Available Here