Coffee Vanilla Milk Brown

Look, we’re going to be the first to admit that sometimes a beer just doesn’t come out like you’d hoped. In this case, a re-brew of an English brown ale with jaggery sugar was drier and roastier than we’d like. So what to do? We back-sweetened with lactose and threw 21 vanilla beans into the fermenter. Then we pulled off 15 gallons and cold-steeped with 3lbs of whole bean coffee from Coffee & Tea Collective. Back into the fermenter a day later and wow! A really nice beer was born.

Tasting Notes:
Loads of toasty, caramel & vanilla, with a pleasant coffee character. Lactose sweetens it up just a bit, balanced by some malt roast that blends well with the Columbia coffee beans.

Pair With:
Salted caramels or crème brûlée. A mild semi-soft cheese like a young gouda.