Go Fuggle Yourself

Oh, not a lot of people are crazy about Fuggle hops, huh? Well Go Fug… “Shout your mouth!” I’m only talkin’ about Fuggle hops. “We can dig it.” Get it?

Maris Otter is a golden pale bready and nutty malt common in British Pale Ales, bitters, IPA and more. Fuggle is a floral, resinous, earthy hop that is popular in… British ales.

Recipe Available Here

Tasting Notes:

Maris Otter provides bready, malty, nutty undertones. The dry finish keeps the malt subdued, and leaves room for some assertive hopping with Fuggles. This brings with it a lot of earthy, resinous, herbal character, with a hint of citrus peel.

Food Pairings:

Bangers and Mash, fish tacos, guacamole toast with heirloom tomatoes and salt/pepper, and a general sense of giving a fuggle.

Recipe Notes:

We’ve been wanting to do this beer since day one. We love the underdog. It’s not like Fuggle doesn’t get any respect, it’s just that it rarely gets mention with the cool new kids on the block, and is rarely a showcase with modern American recipes. Maybe there’s a reason for it? Well let’s find out. We wanted to push the hop and express it in the way we would a modern American pale ale. I (george) think we should have pushed it even further. If you’re brewing it at home, why not up the whirlpool additions and the dry hop additions? We got 8lbs into out first 3bbl batch. We’re shooting for 11lbs next time. I think.