go-ZUH. Not goose, not gueuze (completely different beer), not gosé, go-ZUH. We know, we know, its a weird german word, but think about how cool you’ll sound when you say it right!

Salty, tart, citrusy and refreshing, go-[ZUH] is here to remind you that it might not be summer any more, but it’s hard to say no to something as delicious as a gose. Even if it’s a little chilly out and pumpkin spice reigns supreme, a gose as good as ours will make you remember days outside when the grass was green and the air smelled like ocean salt.

Recipe Available Here


Brewday Notes:
13 October 2016 – 

Everyone in the shop keeps asking when the gose is coming back and after being asked that question often enough to know when it was coming, Dee and Shawn shrugged and popped a gose into our brew schedule. Two short brewdays later – one to set up the kettle sour, and another to boil and get the beer in the fermentor, and a few appropriate revelations later (dropping the pH to 4.6 before adding yogurt, and adding only a very small amount of yogurt made our pH drop to our target in a little over 20 hours!) we have another gose to bring to our friends in the tasting room.

It has been quite the struggle to not #treatourselves to constant Quality Assurance/Quality Control samples as this beer gets closer and closer to being on tap. It’s official birthday was #treatyoself day 2016, and even though Dee bought herself some sick new kicks from Gym Standard right next door, and Shawn celebrated by buying something nice for himself a day later, this beer practically begs for you to constantly treat yourself to another taste…and another…

Okay just one more.