Lamonta Pale Ale

The lightly nutty and toasty Lamonta Pale malt from Mecca Grade Estate Malts is at the forefront of this hoppy treat. Meant to be an ode to classic pale ales like Sierra Nevada. Citrus and floral from Centennial. Fruity peach ester from Vermont Ale yeast

Mecca Grade is a multi-generational farm and craft malthouse in Central Oregon. Using a unique variety of barley, called Full Pint, developed by Oregon State University for malt flavor and to suit the high desert growing conditions of Eastern Oregon, they then malt in a way that mimics traditional floor malting. They built a specialized and proprietary mechanical malt house and are supplying craft malt to breweries and distilleries all over the West. This pale all utilizes all of the Mecca Grade Lamonta Pale malt with some golden naked oats to add a touch of body and head retention. 4.5lbs 100% Centennial leaf in the boil and whirlpool. Vermont yeast adds a round peachy note.

Recipe Available Here