Lost Luggage

A dark brown, medium bodied porter with notes of chocolate, toffee, biscuit, caramel, and dark fruit. Where’s my luggage anyway? The porter should have been at my room an hour ago with it…

Seriously though, where is the luggage? We’re fine with waiting, we’re patient people and we have plenty of beer to drink but this is getting a little silly. Do you think the porter got lost along the way? It’s a good thing we have this awesome beer to hold our attention while we wait, I guess….

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Brewday Notes:
16 November 2016:

It’s starting to get chilly here abouts. Dee isn’t a fan. She’s a warmblooded desert gal and as soon as the temperature drops, so does her mood. Shawn was a touch late to brewday, because he was helping some friends, but we were still mashing in by 6:45pm.

Today though, we had a special surprise – George came by to see if he could help us nail what in the brew house was causing our efficiency problems.

"Hey guys, let's take a picture!"
“Hey guys, let’s take a picture!”

Usually we get okay efficiency in the brewhouse¬†and after extensive research and reading we’ve seemed to find a few things that are common suggestions for commercial breweries:

  • Checking the mill’s crush
  • Altering the water:grain ratio
  • Longer mash, vorlauf and lauter times

With these in mind, we spent a good thirty minutes ago having various meetings, watching youtube videos where the background music was almost certainly not licensed properly, and discussing what was feasible on our own system. Without a lot of the fancier equipment larger breweries have at their disposal, we needed to find a solution that would work for us, while keeping our eyes on what fun new toys we could get moving forward to help our mash be easier on us.

Looks like just adjusting our mill a little bit, using less strike water in the mash, and lengthening our rests will be our go-to solution for now, and we’ll see where we end up in the future!

Also Dee got new boots. There was nowhere else to mention this, but she's very happy with her new boots.
Also Dee got new boots. There was nowhere else to mention this, but she’s very happy with her new boots.