Sharks with Lasers

When floating in a pool…the absolute worst thing that could happen would be an attack of Sharks with Lasers. Luckily this beer only ever wants to be your friend. People are friends, not food.

Tasting Notes:

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Brewday Notes:
11 November 2016: It was a solo brewday for Shawn today РDee had to take the day off because her shoulder was getting slippy in the joint. Shawn was safe and smart and brewed during the day so that the shop was open and he could grab someone to help him out if things were hard. Everything else went appropriately swimmingly for our little sharkies beer. Pew pew! Btang-bTANG!

Now, since copyright is a hard thing, Dee can’t put pictures of the brewteam’s favorite sharks in this post. She tried, and doesn’t want to deal with a DMCA takedown for showing off pretty shark pictures.
But since all of you are certainly dying to know –

Dee likes the Port Jackson sharks because they are cuties with little snoots.
(She also studied to be a chondricthyologist.)

Shawn likes Mako sharks, along with Thresher Sharks and Leopard Sharks.
(He said Thrasher, but meant Thresher. )

George likes the sharks that are in the tornado.
(He said hammerhead first though.)

27 July 2016: The brewery was ALREADY hot by the time Dee and Shawn showed up to start another beautiful brew day. Goodness. Brewday went well, otherwise. There was only a nominal amount of melting.

Sharks With Lasers IPA – 5 Gallon Recipe