Sharks with Lasers

Juicy peach and orange flavors and aromas from Vermont Ale yeast and ample late additions of Amarillo hops give this low bitterness IPA awesome crushability. An ode to our love of beer.

When floating in a pool…the absolute worst thing that could happen would be an attack of Sharks with Lasers. Luckily this beer only ever wants to be your friend. People are friends, not food.

Brewday Notes:

May 10, 2017:For this version of Sharks with Lasers, fermentation with Vermont Ale yeast yielded even higher than normal delicious peach and apricot esters. The hop scheduled was shifted slightly more towards the whirlpool with an extra pound of dry-hops for good measure. We also added a touch of Mosaic hops because, well, are you going to argue with this kind of predator?? Slightly lower bitterness and slightly higher F.G. gives us this extra juicy well balanced IPA.

11 November 2016: It was a solo brewday for Shawn today РDee had to take the day off because her shoulder was getting slippy in the joint. Shawn was safe and smart and brewed during the day so that the shop was open and he could grab someone to help him out if things were hard. Everything else went appropriately swimmingly for our little sharkies beer. Pew pew! Btang-bTANG!

Recipe Available Here