About Us:

Home Brewing Co. began in early 2012 (as The Homebrewer). We opened our store in our home neighborhood of North Park. Which also happens to be one of the best beer-centric spots in the world.

San Diego is also home to one of the most dynamic and prolific homebrew communities. 

In 2015, we added a full brewery and tasting room (Home Brewing Co.) and decided to focus on harder to find classic styles, as well as up-to-date beer & fermentation trends.

We feel that our job is to honor the traditional styles, and to learn about every new technique and “trend” so that hobbyists can get the most out of what we deem to be the coolest pastime in the universe. 

We may not be the fanciest or most trendy beer spot in town, but we think we rank well here among some of the best breweries and homebrew stores in the world. 

The AHA awarded us with the inaugural Shop of The Year Award in 2018, and we’ve consistently made the top pick for Readers’ Choice “Best in San Diego” awards over the past several years. 

We pride ourselves on treating people with dignity and respect no matter their brewing or personal background.