COVID-19 Updates

We are currently open for retail supplies and for beers on our patio.

Last Update: Friday Nov. 13
San Diego is now in the “Purple” Tier. We are allowed to serve beer on our patio with a food purchase, and to have 25% capacity in our retail store. We are limiting the areas of the store that are accessible to the customer. Details Are below. 

Homebrew Supplies:
We have converted into an e-commerce store with brief will-call and walk-in hours. 

Customers are not allowed in the back area of the shop, due to space constraints. 

The most effective way to get supplies is to order online and come in for pickup.

We are happy to offer advice and tips during that time or via email/phone.

Tasting Room:
Our patio is available for on-site consumption.

We have some rules we have to follow:

  1. You must wear a mask when not seated.
  2. You must add on a food item (we have some great local options).
  3. You must remain seated.
  4. No tasters are being served (pints and 1/2 pints only)
  5. You must refrain from forcing your opinions about shit that we don’t have control over (if the other person is literally being paid to listen to you, then it’s not a “conversation,” you’re just being rude). We’re just humans trying to pay our bills. Please don’t make work suck for us, and we promise we won’t go to your work and make it suck for you. Sounds fair.