Anvil Ferment In A Kettle Kit – 7.5 Gallon

Anvil Ferment In A Kettle Kit – 7.5 Gallon


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Ferment in a Kettle Kit for 10 Gallon ANVIL Kettle
Convert your ANVIL kettle to a dual purpose kettle and fermentor!

Patent-pending silicone lid seal fits snuggly on top of you kettle lid preventing oxygen and bacteria from entering your wort
Convert your kettle lid without any modifications by using the pre-drilled hole and included airlock and grommet
Stud welded handles remove risk of rivets hiding bacteria
Sanitary nut covers any exposed threads on your thermometer providing a super sanitary thermometer connection
Freely turn your valve and dip tube with a teflon washer, turning your dip tube into a racking arm for sediment free transferring

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 in