Blind Tasting Group – FREE

Sharpen your skills! Taste a beer blind, describe it, try to guess the style… then discuss it with the group.

This is a group activity, where we can all help each other grow, and learn from our collective experiences.

This is a free tasting group. You just need to bring a classic example to share.

(1) Everyone brings a classic example of a style of beer.

(2) That beer is kept secret to the rest of the group.

(3) You will pour your beer for the group, but the person to your left will lead the tasting notes (this will be limited to about 6 minutes).

(4) That person will try to guess the style – there are no points… it’s just for discussion.

(5) The rest of the group will get a shot to weigh in.

(6) The person that poured the beer will reveal it… a short discussion will follow

… rinse and repeat.

George will begin the session with an overview of how we should go over the tasting together. He will also moderate the evening, to help keep track of time and keep the learning going.

Here are the rules:

Q: What kind of beer should I bring?

A: Bring a beer that is a classic example for a particular beer style.

Q: How do I know it’s classic?

A: Consult the BJCP Guidelines at They list several easy to find classic examples. They have apps for that too.

Q: Where should I buy them?

A: Go to a reputable bottle shop. Freshness is key. Especially since many of these are NOT whales.

Q: Should I bring this super hard to find whale, bro?

A: NO. That’s not the point of this session.

Q: Then what is the point?

A: To work and train our palates, and to spend time appreciating where our beer culture came from.

Q: Is this a bottle share?

A: NO. Only bring your blind beer. We’re here to work, not to hang out.

Q: Will everyone think I’m cool if I show up with some boozey, out of balance beer from Indiana, that is famous because it is hard to get, but no one seems to really actually enjoy it for real?

A: NO.

Q: Are you just being coy, and I should bring my super overly sour American made, out of balance beer that I just spent $30 on shipping to trade for?

A: NO. Either you should not show up to this class, or you may really need to. Bring a classic example.

Q: Do you think rare beers are cool?

A: Sure, whatever.

Q: Do you think that classic, well balanced beers are way more sexy?

A: Ya, no shit.

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