Glitter Bat Gang – Can Release Party

Glitter Bat Gang –
Sour Wheat Ale Blended w/ Fresh Apple Juice Newtopia Cyder Collaboration:

Remember that one time the whole block was taped off by the Cops? They were investigating some bad guys. While they opened up a trunk, they pulled out a baseball bat covered in pink glitter…. the Glitter Bat Gang had struck again!! To celebrate those sweet but sour moments, Home Brewing Co. and Newtopia Cyder bring you Glitter Bat Gang.

We started with our Gose base beer, and added 49% fresh apple juice from Newtopia Cyder. We allowed the beer/cider mix to ferment all of the way through. The result is a hard cider/beer hybrid that bursts with fresh apple/pear/peach/bready/honey-like aromas, and drinks with a refreshing hint of lactic tartness, and a crisp/dry finish.

We think it’s quite delicious, so we’re excited to offer these to you in cans to go for the first time!



We’ll keep your stash cold for you. Order Now.

Release Party:

Join us as we celebrate our beautifully quirky neighborhood. We’ll be hanging out in our backyard, and enjoying a film. Bring your own snacks and a warm blanket.

Beer Feelings 3 Art Show by Alexander Barrett AND Beer Can Release!

The third installment of the ever popular Beer Feelings art show, sponsored by Consortium Holdings.


Artist, Alexander Barrett, draws inspiration from the provocative feelings that one might have while polishing off a cold beer.


The event will be hosted by Gym Standard, Coffee & Tea Collective, and Home Brewing Co., with art being displayed at all three locations and a special beer release in the Home Brewing Co. Tasting Room.




We have teamed up with Alex this year to brew up a very special beer that will be available in CANS with an artist-designed label:


Standing In A Field With Your Eyes Closed is a 4% blonde ale that utilizes a variety of grains and some old-world hops to achieve these rejuvenating #beerfeelings. The Vermont Ale Yeast nods to Alex’s New England roots while providing a fruity nose and crisp finish.




Only 450 12-oz cans were made and they will go fast!


Available for on-site consumption in the Tasting Room and in a small amount of 4-packs for take-away.




Your Beer Week just got a whole lot better…