International Women’s Collabo Brew Day/ Pink Boots Brew

We love to celebrate, just about anything…

…so you know we are going to celebrate women!
We’re hosting a Pink Boots Brew Day for anyone and everyone to see what’s behind the tap wall at Home Brewing Co.
Step in, participate, take pictures and ask all questions!
In the mean time, mingle, hang out and grab a beer or two with some awesome people. All in the spirit of women.

Mucho Juice-O Collab-O with the Brewing Borrach-Os

This collaboration brew was a 1st Place Win in the Mash Heads Homebrew IPA Competition this year!

An amazing Hazy IPA with Mosaic Cryo and NZ Motuere, coming in at around 6.5-7%,

Ralph Carrasquillo is the man behind this beer, so make sure to give him a high five on release night!

Saturday Cartoons: Beer & Cereal Pairing, Pajamas Required.

Okay so picture this:

It’s Saturday Morning, your favorite cartoons are on and you hear your stomach growl.

You think to yourself… wow I’m hungry but not just for a regular breakfast. But for a FUN breakfast!

Come join on us in your pajamas, along side a beer and cereal pairing.

Let’s get breakfast wasted on fruit loops..AM I RIGHT?!

Tony the Tiger will not be in attendance but we do wish him well on his breakfast endeavors.

Tickets sold here

National Fast Food Day Beer Paring

National Fast Food Day
Beer & Taco Bell Pairing

Taco Bell Items paired with delicious Home Brewing Co beers. Curated by Owner George Thornton (Cicerone and National Beer Judge). Join us for a fun filled garbage food eating experience.

This is the best of all of your worlds colliding like a non-accidental acid trip through all those times when you thought you were hoity-toity, but come on, we all just really want some Taco Bell.

Sit back and let us fine dine you. We will pick up the food and have it ready for you by 6:30pm. We will pour your beers and have a tasting matte with our tasting notes prepared ahead of time.

3x Curated Home Brewing Co. Beers (totaling more than one pint)
Curated Meal of Taco Bell Items


6th Anniversary & Collaboration with ChuckAlek Can Release

Can Release:
Are you a Dad? Are you Rad? Are you neither?
Well it’s your time. Calling all Rad Dads and awesome humans.
We’re celebrating our 6th Anniversary for The Homebrewer and 3rd Anniversary for Home Brewing Co.

Rad Dad Can Release;
To celebrate the good times with our friends ChuckAlek, we present to you this delightfully refreshing German Pilsner blended with Star Fruit and El Dorado hops. This beer is packed with all the juiciness to accompany any of the bad dad jokes.
Movie Night:
We’ll be playing a special movie selected by our collaborators.
Food Pairing:
To be announced… It will be awesome.
Patio Unveiling:
Possibly…we hope…if permitted.
We get it Terry, we know how to make a Kleenex dance. 
Have another sip of this amazing beer and put a little boogie in it.

In-Store Competition – New Theme Every Month

Why Compete?

Homebrew Competitions are a great way to receive feedback for improving your brewing techniques. The main function of a competition is to provide quality advice for making our favorite hobby all the more enjoyable.

What’s the Process Like?

Brewers sign up for each month using the links below, and drop off their beers in anonymous bottles. We review and score the beers based on brewing quality and style accuracy.

Who are the Judges?

Many of our crew are certified beer judges through the BJCP, and/or Certified Cicerones. When needed, we will also use certified judges from our fantastic homebrew community.

What Styles Can I Submit?

It depends on the month. We have a different theme each month. Click the link below for more details, and to sign up!

How Do I Compete?

Step 1. Complete a BJCP Bottle ID Form For Each Bottle – This is VERY important – we need to know what the beer is!
Step 2. Click the Competition Link(s) below to enter your beer and contact details.

2018 Homebrew Competition Lineup:

August: Session IPA vs American Pale Ale
September: Cal Common/Marzen/Festbier
October: Saison vs Trappist Single
November: Fall & Winter Specialty Beers
December: Stout vs Porter

Trivia Night – Study Hall Edition

Study Hall Edition:
Beer Exam Prep

This is a special edition of Trivia Night! It’s a fun and stress free way to review some beer facts right before a beer exam. We know that there is a certain exam right around the corner, so we thought it would be fun to review some of the material in a more light-hearted, stress free zone.

Non-Geeks Welcome!

It’s all about having fun while we learn. So all levels of beer enthusiasts should come. You probably know more than you think, and it’s a good way to learn some cool facts about beer in a non-threatening, snob-free zone. It’s a great way to learn more about the beer certifications that are out there as well!

Master Level Off Flavor Training

Take advantage of this extremely rare opportunity to go through the Master-Level Off-Flavors Kit in a casual and informative setting.

We will taste through 23 spiked samples of beer, discuss the aromatics & flavors, their origins, and potential fixes.

2 Master-Level candidates will also be participating, and will help lead the group discussion, and answer any questions about the various certification programs that exist.

These kits are extremely expensive and difficult to organize, so this is a great chance to experience them without all of the hassle & upfront expense.

Reserve your seat here:

Beer and Cheese Pairing Night – Oct 26th

Join us for a monthly curated beer and cheese pairing featuring Home Brewing Co beers and select cheeses from Brothers Provisions.

Pre-purchase your pairing and arrive anytime between 6:00 and 8:00 to receive your beer and cheese flight.

Starting at 7:00 George will give a talk on food pairing principles and what makes a winning combination. Impress your friends and family! Woo your loved ones!


flight of four 4oz tasters and 4 cheeses
presentation on beer and food pairing



Blind Tasting Group – FREE

Sharpen your skills! Taste a beer blind, describe it, try to guess the style… then discuss it with the group.

This is a group activity, where we can all help each other grow, and learn from our collective experiences.

This is a free tasting group. You just need to bring a classic example to share.

(1) Everyone brings a classic example of a style of beer.

(2) That beer is kept secret to the rest of the group.

(3) You will pour your beer for the group, but the person to your left will lead the tasting notes (this will be limited to about 6 minutes).

(4) That person will try to guess the style – there are no points… it’s just for discussion.

(5) The rest of the group will get a shot to weigh in.

(6) The person that poured the beer will reveal it… a short discussion will follow

… rinse and repeat.

George will begin the session with an overview of how we should go over the tasting together. He will also moderate the evening, to help keep track of time and keep the learning going.

Here are the rules:

Q: What kind of beer should I bring?

A: Bring a beer that is a classic example for a particular beer style.

Q: How do I know it’s classic?

A: Consult the BJCP Guidelines at They list several easy to find classic examples. They have apps for that too.

Q: Where should I buy them?

A: Go to a reputable bottle shop. Freshness is key. Especially since many of these are NOT whales.

Q: Should I bring this super hard to find whale, bro?

A: NO. That’s not the point of this session.

Q: Then what is the point?

A: To work and train our palates, and to spend time appreciating where our beer culture came from.

Q: Is this a bottle share?

A: NO. Only bring your blind beer. We’re here to work, not to hang out.

Q: Will everyone think I’m cool if I show up with some boozey, out of balance beer from Indiana, that is famous because it is hard to get, but no one seems to really actually enjoy it for real?

A: NO.

Q: Are you just being coy, and I should bring my super overly sour American made, out of balance beer that I just spent $30 on shipping to trade for?

A: NO. Either you should not show up to this class, or you may really need to. Bring a classic example.

Q: Do you think rare beers are cool?

A: Sure, whatever.

Q: Do you think that classic, well balanced beers are way more sexy?

A: Ya, no shit.

Reserve your seat here.

Beer Style Breakdown: Germany

This is a curated study group. I will select and purchase all of the styles according to the BJCP.

We will split the cost of the beers amongst all of us. Bring $15-30 cash.

The flight of beers will follow a specific trend/theme designed for breadth and depth where possible.

We will go over the beers together and spend time researching/discussing the brewery, the beer itself, the style, food pairings, etc…

This will be fun and light hearted, but the goal is to have a place where we can be a little more focused and organized, so the only other request is that you take it seriously, and keep chatter down to a minimum.


Must be 21, or over, to attend.

Each group starts at 6:30pm

To Register:

Go to

select the appropriate date/class.