Hop Growing 101 & Rhizomes

Hop Growing Class – Includes Rhizomes!

Local homebrewer and hobby hop-grower, Sean Gardinier, will walk us through the entire hop growing process — from rhizome selection to harvest, to root maintenance.

You will walk away with your choice of several rhizomes from his own farm, so that you can plant hops this year as well.
The evening will include an 8oz pour of your choice from Home Brewing Co, samples of hops to taste/smell.

Includes: class, rhizomes to take home (2-3 per person depending on availability), and samples of hops.


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Dry-Hop Experiment

Jeff from Mash Heads, a homebrew club in San Diego proposed an experiment in which we dry hopped bottles of beer with different varieties.

We had a keg of Mission Brewing light lager to work with, an ideal base for our experiment. We filled 15 22 oz bottles using a ratio of 1/2 oz per gallon, many higher gravity IPAs use 1 oz per gallon.

Jamie and Tricia from Mash Heads were kind enough to host the tasting at their house. There were about 12 Mash Heads present.

For info about the hops we used, and some tasting notes check out Jamies blog at The Cask & Barrel.